Don't Do Business With a Worn-Out Roof

Don't Do Business With a Worn-Out Roof

Turn to us for commercial roofing repair in Joplin, MO

Has the roof over your business seen better days? Whether it's been damaged by a storm or just showing signs of wear and tear, you can count on Apex Construction Service, LLC to repair it. We specialize in TPO roofing, but we work on a wide range of roofing materials.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our commercial roof repair services. We serve business owners in Joplin, MO and the surrounding area.

Don't ignore these signs of roof damage

You don't have to pay more to replace what you can repair. Apex Construction Service can handle the commercial roof repairs you need to maintain a sturdy roof over your building. Just call us at the first sign of roof damage.

Your roof could need repair if:
  • It's missing shingles or tiles
  • It's cracked or leaking air
  • It's letting water into your building
If your roof is beyond repair, don't worry-we also handle roof installation. Get in touch with Apex Construction Service now if you need commercial roofing services in Joplin, Missouri.